Gear Rentals
Gear Rental Rates
Pool Use
Student                  R 79,00
                        p/p per day
Instructor              R 79,00
                        p/p per day
(2 or more students - Instructor Pool Use is for free)
About the facility

Clubventure has an 800 000 litre scuba  training  pool  with  a  depth  of

5 metres. Instructors enjoy using the impressive facilities to train their students.

Qualified divers are also welcome to use the facility.



Gear Rental available on the premises only
Full Cylinder             R 79,00 
BCD                              R 69,00 
Regulator                  R 69,00
Weight Belt              R 39,00 
Wetsuit                      R 69,00
Mask & Snorkel       R 49,00
Fins                             R 49,00
Booties                      R 39,00



Full Gear Rental @ a discounted rate R 399,00

Airfill only                 R 79,00 
*Rates include VAT 
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